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Here at Sbarc Properties Ltd, our mission is to excel in the realm of property development, transforming spaces into thriving communities and enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families.

We are committed to creating affordable, sustainable, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing properties befitting of their surroundings. The Welsh language, our culture, and heritage are more important to us than anything else.

We will always offer the Local Housing Associations the opportunity to Joint Venture or to Deal Package with us to ensure local people in North Wales have an opportunity to buy their dream homes. Our core values drive our approach to property development, ensuring integrity, professionalism, and social responsibility.

Through meticulous planning, design excellence, and efficient execution, we aim to maximize the potential of each property we develop.We seek to create inviting environments that inspire a sense of belonging and foster a vibrant and inclusive community spirit. Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our endeavors. We prioritie energy efficiency, Eco-friendly practices, and the use of sustainable materials, minimizing our ecological footprint and promoting a greener future.

With an unwavering commitment to innovation and a passion for excellence, we envision a future where our properties stand as landmarks of distinction, providing residents with exceptional living experiences and contributing to the overall development and prosperity of the areas we serve. Together, we are dedicated to shaping vibrant communities and creating lasting legacies through our visionary property development initiatives.

Who is Sbarc?


In February 2023, Jason established Sbarc Properties Ltd with a clear mission in mind. 

The primary objective of this company is to provide essential housing solutions for the residents of the Llyn Peninsula. Jason is enthusiastic about collaborating with housing associations to fulfill this important need.

Before founding Sbarc Properties Ltd., Jason operated an electrical company known as Jason Jos Ltd.

Throughout this period, he hired a team of 7 to 10 local professionals, including electricians, apprentices, and various skilled tradespeople.

His steadfast commitment lies in hiring local tradespeople for all his projects. This commitment will remain unwavering as he continues to support local businesses, tradespeople, housing associations, and the broader community.

Jason also eagerly anticipates partnering with various community organizations such as schools and sports clubs to contribute positively to the local community.


The latest and indispensable addition to the team is Dafydd Davies. 

While he comes from a background in primary school teaching, he’s made a deliberate choice to become a part of Sbarc Properties Ltd.

 Dafydd brings a deeply passionate perspective and strong vision regarding the Welsh language, Culture and the essential local housing association needs of the people on the Llyn Peninsula.

 His role will primarily involve office-based responsibilities, where he will oversee the day-to-day operations of the company.


Euron holds a strong and esteemed position as a building contractor in the Llyn Peninsula region.

With over four decades of experience, he has successfully managed his company, overseeing the construction of a diverse range of properties, including commercial spaces, residential buildings, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and office units.

In a new venture, Euron has chosen to collaborate with Sbarc Properties Ltd to embark on housing development projects for the local communities in the Llyn Peninsula.

His primary goal is to contribute positively to these communities by undertaking these meaningful projects.

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