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new projects

    These homes’ main structural feature is their timber frame design. Timber serves as both a renewable resource and a symbol of our commitment to minimising environmental impact.

    This decision upholds structural integrity and is consistent with our environmental values.

    We’re thrilled to announce that we have two exciting projects in progress: the construction of two three-bedroom detached houses.

    These homes will feature timber frame construction, emphasizing eco-friendliness. Solar panels on the roof, air source heating, excellent insulation, and full compliance with current regulations are all part of our plans.

    Our idea of a sustainable future includes using solar energy.

    These houses have solar panels on their rooftops, which collect sunlight and produce clean, renewable electricity.

    This green energy solution lowers utility costs while also lowering carbon emissions.

    It’s important to keep homes warm while being environmentally responsible.

    In order to create a comfortable living space while using the least amount of energy possible, we chose air source heating systems.

    Modern living requires comfort and energy efficiency.

    We’ve made significant investments in excellent insulation to accomplish this, ensuring that the homes are comfortable all year long while spending less on heating and cooling.

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